January 2, 2018


Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore Crocetti-Cerulli

Our institute offers both technical and vocational education; students are distributed over three separate buildings:

VOCATIONAL CATERING SCHOOL – 797 students.The school has got the ISO 9001 quality system, and at the end of the third year they can get three kinds of qualification (while at the end of the fifth year, they get a degree) in the following areas:
1) Enogastronomy
2) Patisserie
3) Touristic reception
4) Commerce

VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL – 99 students; at the end of the third year they can get two kinds of qualification: 1) Transport maintenance 2) Industrial and civil devices

TECHNICAL SCHOOL – 299 students, at the end of the fifth year they get a degree and become technicians in the following sectors:
1) Informatics and Telecommunications
2) Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy
3) Electronics and Electrotechnics Students , both resident and coming from near towns or rural areas, belong to different social and economical backgrounds (the rural areas are usually more disadvantaged from a cultural point of view, while vocational students generally belong to lower economic and cultural contexts).

All three schools strongly believe in the importance of a practice-based education, and promote exchanges and cooperation with the outside society, in order to give students the possibility to come into contact with all stakeholders involved in the labor market (e.g. national, regional and local governments, business associations and entrepreneurs, promoters of programs, trainers, school teachers, academics and students). By creating synergies starting from local territory in order to guarantee apprenticeships and traineeships to our students (IV and V years), our the three institutes support students in their future search for a job. As for the higher education, all students from 4th and 5th year are part of the “Guidance Project”, thanks to which they are informed on university programs (with guided visits to some local faculties) in order to better decide if accede to higher education or start looking for a job.

Our three Institutes have always aimed at offering flexible curricula in order to promote synergies and partnerships with local and international stakeholders, while offering our students innovative and practice-based activities promoting transversal skills and active citizenship.


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