January 2, 2018

Czech Republic

Vyssi odborna skola a Stredni odborna skola

Our school is a vocational High School and College. It is located in a small but historically significant town located approximately 80km south of Prague.

The school was founded in 1926 and traditionally focused on teaching agricultural subjects, however due to economic and political changes it has transformed into a modern educational institution offering branches of study that correspond with the requirements of the present job market.

At the High School we offer three branches of study for students aged 15+ to 19; Social Care, Agro-Business, and Information Technology. All courses last for four years and are completed with a school leaving exam.

During their studies students have both theoretical and practical training in various goverment funded organisations, NGOs and private companies. Thanks to the practical training especially in the field of Social Care students are more involved in the local and regional community in various form of social work and activities in which they help and assist in special schools for the menatally and physically imparied, in children´s homes, old age homes, social care services, children´s protection departmend in the local governement and labour office. This way our students get a very good overview of social issues that are relevant in our local and regional community.

Our students participate in various competitions, activities and excursions throughout the school year. All students have lessons about basics of economy, labour and business law and marketing which we consider to be an important skill in all fields that our school offers.

The vocational college currently offers a three year course in the field of Social Pedagogy and ICT, which includes both theoretical and practical training and leads towards gaining a degree of a graduate specialist.

At present the are approximately 300 students and 20 qualified full time teachers. All classrooms are equipped with computers and projectors, there are several specialised labs, for biology, animal breeding, social care and several computer labs. The school also has a warehouse with agricultural equipment, a garden and a newly planted orchard. There is a gym, gymnasium and outdoor sports field. The school offers accommodation in its dormitory and meals in its food hall.


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