January 2, 2018


2ndLykeo of Kalamata

Our school, 2ndLykeo of Kalamata, is a general high-school of about 140 students aged from 15 to 18 years. It is located in the eastern part of the city and our students come from various social and economic backgrounds mostly lower-level ones. Apart from that our students come from different parts of the world making up a multicultural society.

That’s why we, as teachers, try to make them realize the importance of living together and appreciate difference as the very substance of life.The very existence of our school is a factor that upgrades the area. Students view our school as a focal point in their personal and academic development. The staff is keenly interested in providing the best educational services by implementing both formal and non-formal teaching practices. Our school, 2ndLykeo of Kalamata, Greece,being a general type of school and not a vocational one definitely needs a boost in the field of social business.


We have to give our students entrepreneurial learning initiative and in order to do that, we, as educators, have to train ourselves to be their mentors. We ought it to ourselves and to our students to reinforce our entrepreneurial minds and provide them with valuable insights and knowledge, which in turn will be implemented in real-life situations. Another thing that we have to point out is that Greece, as everyone knows, is severely struck by an unprecedented financial crisis and we need to teach our student the way to develop an entrepreneurial (social one, mostly) set of mind in order to help themselves and their fellow citizens cope with the very difficult times our country is up against. In that sense, our school’s participation in this project will provide hands-on experience and stimulation to both teachers and students leading us to paths that are still quite uncharted for us but happy to follow.

However, there is a group of teachers who never miss out on a chance to explore the value of business opportunities mostly to promote the feeling of solidarity and cooperation between our school and the community. Each year we organize a Christmas bazaar whose proceeds go to the local department of SOS Children’s Villages. Also, students try to fund their school trips and excursions by doing different activities such as Halloween parties or disco nights in order not to put all the expenses on their parents. Another thing that we have recently started is the co-publication of a book with local recipes of our school and a famous hotel complex Costa Navarino. The selling of this recipe book will provide the necessary money to our school to fund other activities.

To sum up, our school although a general school and not a vocational one, is working hard with its limited resources to create and foster an entrepreneurial culture among our students but we need more knowledge on the subject. Our aspiration is to be able to learn more about it and teach our students to be efficient and, why not, proficient in the field of social business.


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