January 2, 2018


IES Ramón Menéndez Pidal

IES Ramón Menéndez Pidal is a secondary education and vocational training – focused on the Commerce and Marketing studies familly – public centre belonging to the Xunta de Galicia, Spain.

Our centre teaches: compulsory secondary education to 15 groups (330 students aproximately), non-compulsory education to 4 groups (125 students), intermediate level vocational training to 4 groups (90 students) and higher level vocational training to 4 groups (105 students).

The total student body amounts to 650 and the teaching staff to 61. Intercommunication with other European centres has always been a focus for the centre’s work dynamic: Comenius projects, exchange programs, Erasmus projects, etc.

The centre possesses the Erasmus Charter since 2006, when our Internacional Commerce students began their training period in EU countries via the Caixa Madrid scholarships. Thanks to the fact that our centre combines vocacional training studies with secondary education, we have the opportunity of carry out interdisciplinary interactions in order to work even better in various fields. Within the usual collaborations of the centre, there is the interrelation with the RONSEL foundation. Based in the same street as our centre, it is an organization that possess a business incubator for young entrepreneurs, that also gives additional training to our students. This helps to supplement their education.

The Chamber of Commerce and the incubators for entrepeneurs of the local government – which is only 200 metres from our centre – also offers us the opportunity to participate in the laboral insertion activities for young people that they promote.

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